We founded the printing company Durabo in 1991, and in the course of over 20 years, we have joined the Czech market for printed products. At first we only made leaflets and brochures, but we gradually added new machines at our production facility – beginning with printers – mostly for perfect printing of color leaflets and brochures. Later we added finishing technology and machines for sewn V1 binding and V1 binding with eyelets. Today we print and manufacture almost anything that is possible – leaflets, brochures, catalogues, books, manuals, sales support products, stickers, invitation, Christmas cards, textbooks, workbooks, calendars, product labels, maps, users’ guides…



Our services include everything involved in production of each order, from graphic design, printing, and various kinds of bookbinding processing to assembly, packaging, and distribution. We approach every client individually, and we prepare each book, textbook, or manual precisely for printing at our professional studio. We allow previews at the printing machine, and we carefully assemble the product.

Information about the basic technological equipment used by the company Durabo:

KOMORI B1 ten-color offset printer

Roland B1 five-color offset printer with dispersion paint

KOMORI B2 four-color offset printer

Stitchmaster ST 450 stitching machine

Production line with City 6000 tape

Durabo is a private, family printing company. We perform perfect, all-around reliable production of leaflets, brochures, catalogues, annual reports, textbooks, workbooks, and books.

You can rely on our professional service.

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